нещо като нищо

януари 13, 2010


Filed under: random rants,untitled — by shaio @ 5:31 pm

fell down with the flu. feverish, long, haunting days. constantly banging on the walls of my head, trying to solve mysteries older than the world. the feeling of inadequacy and fear of the unknown, the future, dark and thick.

the general lack of creativity and inspiration, the feel of your mind beaten to pulp by the grey monotony of life. things that can make you go insane. to think that we are all doomed.

the hakuna-matata attitude sported in 2008, was slowly soaked in the tar of burnit-killit-stabit-2009 with a screaming crescendo near the death of the bastard. but we all hope, that 2010 will be new, fresh, different than the-bastard-year-of-two-zero-zero-nine. like spring.

i’ve always loved spring. my favourite season. although the warmth of summer is a thing that can’t be put away with light hand, spring wins, and wins big time. the tingling sensation of a new start, new experiences. the fresh breath of everything around. cherry blossoms – the most beautiful and perfect thing in the world. air after rain, talking with friends. i miss those springs. and i miss you buddies. i miss me.

sometimes i want to cry, but i can’t. i think it will be so freeing. like spring.

the greenhornes ft holly golightly – there is an end
(damn. nearly all videos are whining broken-heart doodles. i feel there is more to this song. it’s pretty like cherry blossoms.)


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